Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Law
Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”) was published in 2016, and Personal Data Protection has become an urgent and important issue in the internal processes of companies with the establishment and active operation of the Personal Data Protection Authority and the entry into force of secondary legislation.
In this context, ensuring compliance with the Law and secondary regulations is an obligation arising from the Law, as well as the completion and progress of the harmonization processes of companies in terms of their own internal regulations.
Keeping up with the regulations established by the European Union within the framework of Personal Data Protection closely and carrying out various trainings and presentations on this subject, Gemicioğlu Law Office provides the necessary audit, training and harmonization services for companies to comply with the legislation with its experienced team.
Data inventory meetings regarding company departments are held both face to face and through video-conference, and documentation is prepared.
Harmonization projects of more than ninety companies from various sectors have been carried out.
Gemicioğlu Law Office published a legislation book in 2019 that includes up-to-date decisions.
Due to the immense interest in the book “Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Mevzuatı Uluslararası Düzenlemeler ve İçtihatlar (Personal Data Protection Legislation, International Regulations and Case Law)”, the second edition was published in 2020.
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