Information Technology (IT) Law

Information Technology (IT) Law

E-Commerce Law

The sales figures of the trade realized through e-commerce in Türkiye are growing every year.
In this context, various business models are being formed.
Gemicioğlu Law Office, that has been in the sector since the establishment of this sector and closely follows all the developments, is able to provide services that will meet all the legal needs of companies operating in the sector and working in areas such as Internet sites, platforms, mobile applications within the scope of E-Commerce Law.
The following services are offered within the scope of E-Commerce Law: Designing legal processes during the execution of business, forming authorized marketing processes and conducting data analysis within the scope of Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce no. 6563 according to the preferences of companies, determining the content and responsibilities of hosting providers within the scope of Law on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes By Means of Such Publications no. 5651, providing consultancy on ETBİS (Electronic Commerce Information System), providing consultancy on E-Invoice and E-Archive issues, providing consultancy on cyber-crimes that may arise as a result of the activities of companies.

Internet Law and Social Media Law

Although the Internet and social media are essentially platforms based on freedom of expression, they can also be an area where trademark violations and/or violations of personal rights occur and fraud takes place.
On the other hand, a wide variety of marketing and promotional activities can be carried out through social media, and various commercial structures can be created with the interaction of different websites and applications.
Gemicioğlu Law Office provides consultancy services for the establishment of these commercial structures in accordance with the legislation and follows up the legal processes on behalf of its clients to prevent forfeiture on social media.

Introduction of New Technologies and Products to the Turkish Market

New applications and technologies are constantly entering the Turkish market with developing and changing technology.
Gemicioğlu Law Office relays the current situation of the country and of the world regarding these new technologies to companies and provides consultancy for companies to create the legal infrastructure they need to create within the scope of the current legal situation.
Companies working specifically in the field of autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence-based robots and wearable technologies are some of the examples of practices that Gemicioğlu Law Office works with.
In addition, it provides consultancy services in legislative studies in such processes.
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