Gemicioglu Law Office was founded in 1970 by Orhan Gemicioglu.


Managing Partner of Gemicioglu Law Office Att. Dr. Bora Our law publications signed by Gemicioğlu.


With all our lawyers under the roof of Gemicioğlu Law Firm, we are here to support you.

Embracing a principle of honesty and future-oriented work ethic!

For over 50 years, Gemicioğlu Law Firm has been dedicated to honesty, making it the cornerstone of its operations in serving clients. The fundamental mission in its relationships with clients has always been to prioritize their interests.

In addition to its rich history, Gemicioğlu Law Firm has transitioned to a global structure, managing itself like a corporation to strengthen its institutional framework. Always staying current and generating new legal initiatives, Gemicioğlu Law Firm has set its goal to become one of the global law firms.


Dürüstlüğü benimseyen çalışma prensibi ile geleceğe odaklı çalışma!

Gemicioğlu Hukuk Bürosu 50 yılı aşkın süredir dürüstlüğü çalışmalarının odağına alarak müvekkillerine hizmet sunmaktadır. Müvekkilleri ile ilişkilerindeki temel misyonu her zaman onların menfaatlerini önceliklendirmek olmuştur.

Köklü bir geçmişi olmasının yanı sıra Gemicioğlu Hukuk Bürosu global bir yapıya geçiş yapmış ve bir şirket gibi yönetilerek kurumsal yapısını güçlendirmiştir. Günceli her zaman takip eden ve yeni hukuki işler üreten Gemicioğlu Hukuk Bürosu hedefini global hukuk bürolarından biri olmak üzerine kurmuştur.


Practice Areas

At Gemicioğlu Law Firm, we continue to provide services to our clients with our expert teams in the fields where we operate.

Tax Law

We provide solution-oriented services for tax issues and problems faced by companies in Turkey and internationally. With our broad and…

Administrative Law

We provide solution-oriented support to our clients dealing with issues related to the outcomes of administrative tasks. The strictly regulated…

Corporate and Commercial Law

Gemicioğlu Law Office provides fast and solution-oriented services to many companies with Turkish and Non-Turkish shareholders on all issues related…

Merger and Acquisitions

Gemicioğlu Law Office has extensive experience in conducting Merger and Acquisition processes of Turkish and Non-Turkish companies. The following services are…

Investment and Venture Capital Law

Gemicioğlu Law Office, actively working in the investor ecosystem at the moment, is involved in numerous investment processes together with…

Payment Systems Law

Gemicioğlu Law Office provides consultancy services within the scope of The Law on Payment and Securities Commitment Systems, Payment Services…

Information Technology (IT) Law

E-Commerce Law The sales figures of the trade realized through e-commerce in Türkiye are growing every year. In this context, various…

Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”) was published in 2016, and Personal Data Protection has become an urgent and…

Retail Law

Gemicioğlu Law Office provides service to the leading companies of Türkiye that produce, sell and/or import mobile phones, smart watches,…
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Female Employment Rate

We value women’s participation in employment to promote gender equality, and we support women in the workplace.

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Customer Continuity

With our expertise, we support our clients in various fields, addressing their needs comprehensively.


Our Other Services

We continue to provide services to our clients in our other areas of operation as well.


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Gemicioğlu Law Talks 23 Mayıs Kişisel Verileri Koruma Mevzuatı ve Uygulamaları – 28.05.2019

KVKK, Ahu Orakçıoğlu Av. Dr. Bora Gemicioğlu – 25.02.2020

Law Talks KVKK Mevzuatı ve Uygulamaları Etkinliği – 23.05.2019

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News & Announcements

At Gemicioğlu Law Firm, we share current news and announcements from the legal world regarding the areas where we specialize.


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Our teams of experts and professionals are always here to meet the needs of our clients.


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