Retail Law

Gemicioğlu Law Office provides service to the leading companies of Türkiye that produce, sell and/or import mobile phones, smart watches, tablets, domestic appliances, small household appliances, pilates equipment and textile products for many years.
The following services have been provided and are being provided by our Office within this scope: legal regulations related to dealer organizations, special situations related to sales of stores, regulations related to vertical agreements, creation of service networks according to the legislation, preparation of authorized service contracts, solution of consumer complaints for both the parent company and the entire dealer, sales organization and creation of a model for the integration of their software with the law, legal supervision of advertising campaigns of products in accordance with consumer legislation and certificates they hold (ISO, TSE, etc.), design of working processes for these processes, ensuring adaptation to the system by providing training, especially Consumer training to the employees in order to carry out crowded business organizations in consumer processes.