Mediation, Litigation and Enforcement Proceedings

Mediation, Litigation and Enforcement Proceedings
Gemicioğlu Law Office provides litigation services in areas needed by companies with its knowledge, thanks to more than fifty years of law experience, at the level of expertise in many areas in which it operates.
Gemicioğlu Law Office provides legal support to its clients with its expert team if they prefer alternative dispute resolution methods in disputes they encounter in Türkiye and abroad.
It conducts mediation, litigation and enforcement processes, especially within the scope of commercial disputes, real estate law and labor law.
Within the scope of real estate law, legal advice and services are provided especially in the resolution of shared ownership disputes, lawsuits and disputes regarding real estate, allotment and elimination of joint ownership lawsuits, disputes and lawsuits arising from rental agreements, disputes arising from Property Ownership Law, lawsuits and disputes regarding Treasury and Forestry Administration, disputes related to urban transformation and all kinds of disputes and lawsuits related to and arising from other real estates, as well as lawsuits, transactions and disputes regarding real rights.
Gemicioğlu Law Office provides legal advice services to its clients based on current legislation within the framework of disputes arising from labor law and all regulations of companies in the field of labor law.
Providing legal advice regarding the labor relations between employee and employer and the disputes arising from these relations, attending mediation meetings, and following the litigation processes are among the services provided by Gemicioğlu Law Office within the scope of labor law.
Litigation services also include application processes to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.
Gemicioğlu Law Office also provides enforcement services with its expert enforcement team.
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