Consumer Law

The areas of responsibility and obligations of manufacturers, sellers, importers and companies providing technical services have been expanded with the entry into force of the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502 in 2014, the start of provincial and district arbitration committees in disputes arising from Consumer Law, and secondary legislation.
Gemicioğlu Law Office keeps up with the legislation and technological developments closely and provides high-quality and result-oriented services in all areas of Consumer Law.
The following services are provided within these services: The follow-up of lawsuits and disputes heard in Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts, follow-up of procedures with administrative and regulatory institutions within the scope of consumer legislation and ensuring communication with these institutions, obtaining the necessary permits, certificates and documents of companies, especially on issues within the area of activity, and checking their compliance with current legislation (Warranty Certificate and CE Certificate, etc.), preparation of user manuals regarding the products within the area of activity of companies and carrying out compliance audits, preparation of technical service forms offered to consumers with authorized service agreements and ensuring their currency in accordance with relevant legislative amendments, providing legal support for the legal compliance of various types of product and service sales, as well as preparation of infrastructure and agreements related to these sales, preparation of infrastructure and agreements related to distance sales (especially online sales), providing legal advice to prepare advertising in accordance with consumer legislation and the implementation of the authorized public authority in this regard, expressing opinions by performing risk analysis within the scope of all these processes.
Within this scope, the dealers of corporate companies, which are dealer organizations operated throughout the country, and the services they need can be provided via technological infrastructure.
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