Investment and Venture Capital Law

Investment and Venture Capital Law
Gemicioğlu Law Office, actively working in the investor ecosystem at the moment, is involved in numerous investment processes together with entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capital, private equity, incubation center, accelerator programs, and Turkish&Non-Turkish investment funds.
Gemicioğlu Law Office has provided and continues to provide services in many processes, from seed deals to venture deals, by being involved in process management.
Providing consultancy for negotiation management in the investment process and transferring experience in terms of Venture Capital companies are among the services provided.
The services such as making the legal dimension of Venture Capital companies ready for investment and organizing the process during the data room processes are carried out.
Thus, it contributes to the success of investment processes.
Gemicioğlu Law Office has experience in creating employee share structures and conducting the legal processes of investor relations in venture capitals that continue to receive investments.
In terms of funds, in addition to conducting all stages until the investment is realized, the creation of fund premium structures, analyzing the status of the fund in terms of investments made beforehand, conducting an inspection in terms of tracking fund rights, converting to a venture capital investment partnership fund and following up these processes are also carried out.
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