Real Estate Law

Gemicioğlu Law Firm offers legal consultancy services to its clients regarding disputes between domestic and foreign owners of real property and holders of real property within their investment portfolio as well as regarding all transactions that must be carried out before administrative authorities. Within the scope of real property law, legal consultancy and services are provided particularly in terms of disputes regarding common ownership, actions and disputes pertaining to real property, disputes and cases arising from lease
contracts, actions for division and partitioning of property, disputes arising from the Condominium Ownership Law, actions and disputes pertaining to the Treasury and the Forestry Authority, actions and disputes pertaining to urban transformation and any and all kinds of disputes and actions arising from or pertaining to real property as well as cases, actions and dispute resolution regarding rights in rem. We also offer services regarding contracts for the property owner, contractor and all subcontractors working on real estate projects as well as any partnerships that may be formed for these kinds of activities, disputes arising from such projects and leasing procedures for shopping Mall and residence projects.