Our Services

Reporting Services

Ongoing business processes, current litigation and enforcement proceedings are reported monthly or quarterly. Within these reports; issues such as the accuracy of the bussiness decisions, risk management, consolidated work and the detection of disruptive issues in the internal and external relations of the company are identified with legal perception. As Gemicioğlu Law Firm, we provide not only the following of the existing processes, but also we provide the service of reporting of these processes, which are important in terms of planning and management, at certain periods.

Due Diligence Services

Gemicioğlu Law firm possess extensive experience in carrying out the Mergers and Acquisitions of local and foreign firms. We provide due diligence services during share transfers, asset transfers, investments as well as preparing share transfer and shareholding agreements, participating in negotiations during these processes and providing legal consultancy services for all of these. Our team is experienced in mergers and acquisitions in a variety of sectors including public offerings, private transactions, E-Commerce, telecommunications, technology, energy and tourism.

Compliance Audit Services

Gemicioğlu Law Firm offers audit services to ensure compliance with legislation to companies doing business in sectors subject to special regulations, such as the IT Payment Systems, Telecommunications and E-Commerce sectors. These services can be offered in the form of a purchase and sale process as well as within the scope of an internal compliance audit within the company itself.


With its expert partners in all issues touching upon IT Law as well as academics specialized in their areas, Gemicioğlu Law Firm offers training needed by companies. Protection of personal data, E-commerce legislation, Permission Based Marketing, Call Center Procedures, ETBIS Practices, E-Invoices, E-archives, personalized marketing processes, training for contracts covering all these processes are some examples of the training offered by Gemicioğlu Law Firm.