Labor Law

Gemicioğlu Law firm provides legal consultancy services based on the most current legislation to its clients with regard to disputes as may arise from labor law as well as any procedures companies may have established in light of labor law.

Participating in mediation meetings for disputes between employers and employees and following up on legal proceedings, preparation and negotiation of employment contracts between employers and employees, revising employment contracts in line with any amendments in labor law legislation, preparation of confidentiality and non-compete agreements and determination of the terms thereof within the scope of the employer-employee relationship, preparation of warning notices and termination notices with regard to the parties’ fulfilling their contractual and legal obligations within the scope of the employer-employee relationship as well as following up on any legal procedures in relation thereto, preparation of settlement agreements upon termination of the employer-employee relationship, serving notices as may be contractually or legally required within the scope of the employer-employee relationship, preparation of contracts regarding the transfer and leasing of employees, consulting R&D firms on labor law matters, conducting negotiations during strikes and lockouts, conducting negotiations for as well as preparation of collective bargaining agreements, preparation of internal bylaws for companies, providing training for company employees in line with the legislation, providing consultancy to companies regarding the legal precautions that must be taken with regard to work health and safety are some of the services provided by Gemicioğlu Law Firm in the area of labor law.