Intellectual Property Law

Gemicioğlu Law Firm offers legal consultancy services on the Industrial Property Act, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and relevant secondary legislation for the protection of its clients rights within the scope of intellectual property law.

Services such as following up on and finalizing applications for patents, utility models, designs and other industrial property rights before International Intellectual Property Authorities, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Courts and the Turkish Patent Institute, filing and following up on objections before these institutions, following up on and finalizing cases being heard before the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Courts and High Courts, preparation and negotiation of licensing agreements for patents, brands, designs, software, knowhow and other intellectual and industrial property rights, giving opinions regarding validity and infringements, following up on infringements of brands over the internet, providing legal consultancy regarding the sale of music, video content over the internet and through other
mediums, following up and giving opinions on Internet Domain Name disputes and any other representations before Professional Associations are some of the services provided by Gemicioğlu Law Firm’s expert staff.