Data Protection & Privacy Law

The Data Protection Law no 6698 (the “Law”) was published in the Official Gazette dated 7 April 2016 and numbered 29677. Once the Personal Data Protection Authority was established and actively began its work and other ancillary legislation was enacted, the Protection of Personal Data become an urgent and very important matter for the internal procedures of companies. Within this context, not only has the Law given rise to an obligation to ensure compliance with the Act and secondary legislation but companies are also required to complete the harmonization process in terms of their own internal procedures. Gemicioğlu Law Firm has followed the regulatory framework established by the European Union with regard to the Protection of Personal Data closely, organized various educational seminars and presentations on this manner and possesses an experienced team offering the necessary audit, training and harmonization services for companies to comply with the legislation. Personal data inventory meetings with the company units are carried out in person or via video-conference calls when necessary and documentation are prepared. In order to do so, compliance projects have been carried out for various companies from different industries. Gemicioğlu Law Firm, published a book on data privacy law including the current decisions of Personal Data Protection Authority in 2019. “Regulations on Protection of Personal Data, Internatonal Regulations and Cases” book published the second edition in 2020 due to the intense interest.