Consumer Law

The entry into force of the Consumer Protection Law no 6502 in 2014, county and provisional arbitration tribunals becoming active in disputes arising from Consumer Law and secondary legislation has expanded the scope of the responsibilities and liabilities of manufacturers, sellers, importers, exporters and companies providing technical services. Gemicioğlu Law Firm, follows legislative and technological developments very closely and is able to provide result oriented quality service in all areas of Consumer Law.
These services include following up on cases and disputes being heard before the Consumer Arbitral Tribunals and Consumer Courts, following up on any actions before administrative and regulatory authorities under the scope of consumer legislation as well as ensuring that communication is maintained, obtaining any certificates and documentation companies are required to possess, in particular with regard to their fields of activity as well as ensuring the compliance thereof with current legislation (i.e Warranty Certificates, CE Certificates, etc), preparation of user manuals for products within companies’ fields of activity as well as conducting their compliance audits, preparation of authorized service provider contracts as well as the technical service forms resented to consumers and ensuring that such documents are updated as required by relevant legislative amendments, providing legal support as to the legal appropriateness of the sale of various types of products and services as well as the preparation of the infrastructure and contracts for such sales, preparation of infrastructure and contracts for distance sales (in particular sales made over the internet), providing legal consultancy services for the preparation of advertisements in compliance with Consumer Legislation and practices of any competent public authority, to provide opinions after analyzing the risks throughout each of these processes. Within this context, it is possible to offer the services required both by corporate firms with countrywide dealership organizations and the dealerships themselves together with the technological infrastructure.